About Us | Who We Are
SolarGy Pte Ltd was founded by a team of practising professionals in the building construction industry who have over twenty years of experience in electrical installations and building architecture. They bring to bear their relevant experiences to apply the appropriate solar technologies and provide solutions to suit the specific energy requirements and creative architectural design.

The key shareholders of the company are a registered professional engineer and a registered architect and together they bring about complementary synergies to drive the company in its quest to provide functional and aesthetically appealing solar energy solutions to meet their Client's needs. It is the company's vision that by designing effective and creative solar energy solutions, they will enthuse and attract more building owners to consider solar energy as an alternative or to supplement their energy needs. In turn, this strategy will help to cut down carbon emissions from our home country and to the world at large.

The Company strongly believe that everyone should play their part, no matter how little, to reduce or slow down global warming that caused severe climate change. Of late, the world has experienced extremes of temperature, floods, rain, heat wave, rising sea levels, forest fires, etc. More recent reports have observed that global warming will have dire impact on health, causing spikes in everything from dengue fever to food poisoning, higher malnutrition, respiratory illnesses, drowning, diseases, etc. This problem will pose an even greater threat to mankind in coming decades if we fail to act now. It is the company's believe that we should all act now and contribute our part to leave behind a greener and livable earth for our children……

Apart from having its head-quarter based in Singapore, SolarGy Pte Ltd has commenced marketing their expertise to provide solar energy solutions to the South East Asian region. The company is truly excited and passionately committed to providing functional and creative solar energy solutions for its Clients.