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Design Options with Schott ASI® Glass
SolarGy offers Schott ASI® BiPV glass made in Germany. ASI® Glass elements are available in various design options. Depending on the application and the desired architectural appearance, this flexibility allows the designer to optimize integration of the solar panels into the building.

ASI THRU® is a semi-transparent module with a see-through effect. Available in laminated form or double glazed units.

ASI OPAK® is the technology for homogeneous façade surfaces, where no vision is required.

ASI OPAK® WHITE offers a completely uniform appearance.

ASI FADE® provides a gradual fade to clear glass.

ASI LINE® offers an individual line-design with its own architectural emphasis.

ASI SHADE® integrates shading louvers with double glazed units to provide the ultimate in glare protection.

ASI OPAK® CreativeLine and EleganceLine offer unique surface patterns, allowing new architectural design possibilities. Customer-specific patterns can also be produced.

Schott ASI® Glass Brochure: