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Engineering with Schott ASIŽ Glass
There are special solar encapsulations available for every application for example, laminated glass for overhead applications. Used horizontally or vertically, ASIŽ Glass solar modules fulfill the requirements of the construction industry and can be used with almost all conventional framing systems.

Module options with ASIŽ Glass
Glass laminates and double glazed units incorporating ASIŽ solar panels are compatible with commercially available metal profile system. Static loading requirements can be met by changing the type and thickness of the glass panes.

The encapsulation of ASIŽ solar cells in laminated or double glazed constructions makes use of proven technology and manufacturing methods.

Both the single or double glazed units provide better shading coefficient than conventional glass without solar cells. In some countries (e.g. Singapore), the local regulations require the architects to limit the average quantum of heat gain into the air-conditioned space of the building interior (a parameter known as ETTV - Envelope Thermal Transfer Value). These units can be used to lower the overall heat gain to the building interior due to their low shading coefficient and U-value and thus complying with the relevant building regulations and save further energy on air-conditioning usage.